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Our Mission

Maybe you were born there and call it “Home”.

Maybe you are a cityzen and wish to show how proud you are to live there and not afraid to flaunt it.

Maybe you want to relive precious memories of your visit to any of these exciting cities. Remember the different cultural lifestyles, exotic foods, crazy accents, slang words, modern or retro fashion styles, funny looking cars and busses. Remember the taste of fresh artisan bread at the local food markets, the social atmosphere in the pubs, the smell of the salty fresh air by the harbor, the sound of the city as it awakes each morning, or most importantly, the first sight of your true love.

Maybe a friend or family member would like a Cityzen Style t-shirt from a cool city instead of a postcard.

Whoever you are, these locations may be an important part of your life, Past, Present and Future. Wear Cityzen Style clothing proudly, be a part of an exclusive club and say to all; “I Was There” or “I am a Cityzen”

Don’t see your city here, email us and we will make it happen.